Chet Stachitas

Chet StachitasChet Stachitas
District Sales Manager - Philadelphia

Philadelphia, PA

Chet Stachitas started his career in November 2008 as an Account Executive in Philadelphia, PA, and has been highly focused on success since day one. He has always been strategic with his approach, and he doesn't spend time on activities that will not yield results. Vice President of National Sales, Brian Feichter, never doubts the effort he's getting from Chet and relies on him to set the pace in the Philadelphia market.

Within the first year of his career, Chet earned his first promotion to Account Executive II. Since then, he earned his Major Account Executive promotion and accepted a role in the Fusion Logistics Mentor program where he was able to play a part in the development of new Account Executives. After successfully navigating his role as a mentor, Chet earned a promotion to District Sales Manager for Philadelphia.

Chet recognizes that the more he puts in to his career, the more results and rewards he will see. His focus on consistent effort, hard work, effective communication, and a positive attitude makes him a valuable asset to Fusion Logistics' future. When others have made excuses to fall behind, Chet has moved ahead, and his determination to achieve his long-term professional goals motivates him daily.